COVID Safety:

Bairnsdale Rowing Club (BRC) is continuing to row according to the COVID guidelines advised by Rowing Victoria (RV), East Gippsland Shire Council and the Department of Health and Human Services.

BRC strongly encourages all members and visitors to be double vaccinated before entering or using our facilities.

All members 12 years of age and over who are planning to row are required to comply with the above guidelines and the Club’s training rules. These rules are in place for the personal safety of all members and the wider community. Members are required to accept these terms until further notice.

These guidelines and training rules also apply to visitors - including parents accompanying juniors – where visitors are permitted under RV and health guidelines.

The Club’s COVIDSafe plan is available at the link below.

Training rules:

  • All members and visitors (when visitors are permitted under RV and health guidelines) must comply with the Club's COVID safety plan and training rules.
  • Members (including juniors) and visitors must sign in and out (and record the time of their arrival and departure) when arriving and leaving the Club. All members and visitors must also sign in using the Club's QR code.
  • Do not attend the club or train if you have any COVID symptoms (fever, breathlessness, cough, sore throat, fatigue or tiredness).
  • Do not attend the club or train after close contact with a COVID positive person.
  • You may return to Club and training after completing any mandatory quarantine and/or COVID testing requirements.
  • The instructions of the Club’s Health and Safety Officer are to be followed at all times.
  • You must wear a mask in accordance with Victorian Government Health Directives – this may change with little notice.
  • Practice COVID-safe hygiene at all times - use hand sanitiser/wash hands before and after touching surfaces, do not touch your face, sneeze or cough into your elbow and avoid close physical contact with others (hand shakes/hugs etc).
  • Comply with density requirements for each area of the shed.
  • Socially distance 1.5m from others – particularly indoors - if this is not possible – wear a mask.
  • Thoroughly wash all equipment with soapy water and spray/wipe oar handles with the antiseptic spray provided.
  • If using boats directly after another crew from the dock or landing area – ensure that all contact points on the boat are sanitised using the antiseptic spray provided (oar handles, seats, gunnels, oar locks) before the next crew uses the boat.
  • Sanitise erg handles and seats before and after use.

Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe.

Files available for download